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Diesel Awards
A tribute to the late John "Diesel" Burrows, a fellow Vulture, friend and all round great guy, the "Diesel Trophy" will be awarded monthy to the Vulture who has made the most outstanding achievement during the previous month.

This may be for:
Services to the club
For a misdemeanor at a Rally
Getting lost on a ride-out
etc.etc. ......... you choose.

Send your nominations to Baz for consideration. The Trophy will be presented at each monthly meeting at Novello's so it is important the current holder ensures the Trophy is at the meeting for the next, proud holder's presentation.
Date Awarded To Outstanding Achievement
May 2024 Hollie Richards Hollie
Winning the diesel award for doing a good thing instead of a silly thing, so welcome our newest member to the vultures congrats Hollie..
March 2024 Phil Amps Pants
Phil receiving the diesel award for the most posted pictures of his ride outs (and breakfasts)
January 2024 Hollie Richards Hollie
Congratulations to Hollie for winning the diesel award tonight for passing her motorcycle test and announcing that she will be joining the Vultures.
September 2023 Simon Dickens For managing to destroy 2 tents
April 2023 Simon Dickens For dropping his bike, not once but twice and both at home.
March 2022 Keith Horwood Keith, being a reqular attendee at both monthly meetings, found himself on his own at the Bell & Bottle one Wednesday evening. This was due to the fact that Keith turned up a week late to the meeting!
August 2021 Barry "Baz" Pearce After almost 18 months Keith reluctantly hands over the Diesel award after a close fought contest. The Diesel Award goes to our chairman for turning up to the Chinnor monthly bike night and after almost an hour of chewing the cud with the landlord and no one else had turned up, he realised that he was a week early. Then on the actual night Baz was called by Diane at almost 9pm to remind him that there was a bike night on and we were all waiting for him, 20 minutes later Baz arrives!!
March 2020 Keith Stone For turning up to the AGM on a qualifying motorcycle
February 2020 Colin Lawton For falling over a chair and giving everyone at the meeting something to laugh about.
April 2019 Jon Case For some reason Jon thinks it is acceptable to keep turning up to our monthly meets on a Motorcycle !!!!
November 2018 Simon Boots Dickens Simon was to be awarded his 10 year patch but Baz had left it at home. Simon was therefore presented with the Diesel Award in lieu of his patch and to ensure he attends the next meeting to return the trophy and pick up his patch.
October 2018 Phil Venables We have waited a long time to present this back-dated award to Phil, who somehow managed to take a wrong turn and end up in the Marshalling Area for the Channel Tunnel instead of the Rally site in Folkestone. Once in the one way system he had to check in and get issued with a permit to leave the port. (Said permit in the safe custody of our Centre Rep as evidence and a constant reminder!)
August 2018 Chris Seymour For cooling down his washing up water ...... with milk !!!!!
June 2018 Colin Lawton Colin won this award which was fiercely contested by many other unfortunate candidates for parting company with his new trailer on the motorway the very first time he towed it.
May 2018 Mike Hogg Mike was the worthy winner this month for attempting to leave our ride-out to the Ace Cafe to follow another group of bikers !
April 2018 Mike Turner On his way to the Rid-In to Arlene's Care Home Mike decided to have an unexpected lay down at a petrol station.
March 2018 Mike Turner Having won the award back in October, Mike was disappointed not to see his name on this award page. Once he had 'refreshed' the page however all was revealed.
January 2018 Brian Hearman To make sure he comes back to see us again (to return trophy)
December 2017 Brian Hearman For coming to see us all. We had not seen him for a long while due to health reasons, so it was great to see him looking so well.
November 2017 Mike Turner Mike managed to miss his ferry to Morocco and had to wait until the next day.
October 2017 Terry 'Free Fall' Custance Allegedly sober, Terry managed to fall down the stairs during the night head butting the wall and splattering the place with blood. Luckily there seems to be no permanent damage to his ribs and head, which is surprising given the state of the wall !
September 2017 Bob Dawson For not quite making it back to his tent before passing out.
August 2017 John Stevens For trying to pack away his tent with his crash helmet still inside !
July 2017 Badger Bob For forgetting to return the Diesel Award and for making a complete fool of himself insisting that the garage return parts of his forks which he already had.
June 2017 Badger Bob & Julie For holding a fund raising 'Spice Night' at their house with fine cuisine and entertainment which was pure magic.
December 2016 Iain ( Cabbie ) Richards Iain Richards for not noticing the considerable bulk of Allan had stopped ! Should have gone to SpecSavers !
September 2016 Keith Stone Keith Stone was the very worthy winner of September's award for his amazing, prize winning Windmill, build for the Going Dutch Rally in Fylde.
August 2016 Roger (Big Rog) Bruce Roger won the award again this month ..... for forgetting to return the Diesel Award Trophy !!!!!
July 2016 Roger (Big Rog) Bruce Rog won this month's award for keeping on going when the bike in front of him had stopped !
June 2016 Mike (The Trike) Quincy For forgetting his tent poles when attending a Rally
December 2015 Alan (Sheila) Roberts After trekking around the International Bike Show all day in search of a Man Bag Alan eventually bought one at the Exit of the NEC. Later at a Service Station he bought another. Initially it was thought he wanted it for some life or death purpose but at the Toy Run we discovered it's purpose is for holding copious amounts of tobacco products and a Selfie Stick !
November 2015 The Whole Club For no-one doing anything either worthy or stupid for a whole month.
October 2015 Julie Dawson Julie's blonde moment won her the coveted award this month. Upon seeing Iain's new sandals, featuring designer holes over the top, Jules asked "Are they waterproof?"
September 2015 Terry Custance For omitting to pack pillows then subsequently accidentally damaging the tent in his anger!
August 2015 Chris Seymour Double edged sword this one ! Chris gets the award for losing his Dagger styled ignition key at a service station, only to be reunited with it on a return visit on the way home. Also for his sterling efforts in photographing Vulture events and submitting the photos for inclusion on this web site.
July 2015 Lyndy Boorah Lyndy totally earned this award for driving a large camper van around Ireland when Peter's Licence was found to not cover him to drive it, and for patience, tolerance and sheer grit throughout Peter's various other mis-adventures and misdemeanours.
June 2015 Andrea Leiter Andrea fought off fierce competition to win this month's award. During a tour of Ireland, Andrea used her remarkable skills with a mobile phone and the Internet to book and pay for 3 rooms at a B&B. When she was asked for the details she realised she hadn't made a note of the B&B or it's address and phone number !
May 2015 Alan (Sheila) Roberts Alan was awarded this month's Diesel Trophy for spending an enormous amount of money on a pair of glasses which makes him look like Roy Orbison !
April 2015 Baz In the absence of any nominations, and given that Baz had left the trophy in his shop window anyway ......... Baz has the award for the next month !
February 2015 Big Rog For bidding on, and winning on ebay what he thought was a Starsky & Hutch cardigan, only to find he had bought a knitting pattern !
October 2014 Mike (Baffles) Turner For representing TVV at the Colombia Rally for a thrid time.
September 2014 Baz (Scooter) Pearce For outstanding high speed aerobatics on a stunt scooter, resulting in a low speed cautious ambulance ride to Hospital.
August 2014 Peter Barnett For loosing tents poles and wallet, only to find they weren't really lost at all.
July 2014 Dan Dickinson For a sterling effort manning our Tea tent throughout the Rally weekend
June 2014 Frank Cooper Oh so many reasons !!! Diesel in tank, failing to renew membership .............
April 2014 Iain Richards Iain owns 2 motorcycles, neither of which can be used right now. This is partly due to his coming together with a London Taxi (for the second time ! ) A well deserved Diesel Award.
March 2014 Keith Stone Out of habit, Keith tried to flick ash off an electric cigarette, out of his car window, losing the Blueberry Flavoured Electric Cigarette in the process.
February 2014 Terry Custance Most deservedly awarded to Tel for his entertaining of the troups at a number of events over the years, including the recent Christmas Party.
November 2013 Badger Bob For attending the Berks meet at Novello's a week early ! LOL!
October 2013 Terry Custance Tel
Terry was voted winner this month for once again providing some brilliant entertainment at our annual BBQ. His laid back informal set was well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
September 2013 Baz Baz forgot to bring the Diesel Award to the meeting, earning him the award this month.
August 2013 Roger Bruce Once again Rog is the recipient, this time for attempting, unsuccessfully, to lock his car whilst the engine was still running.
July 2013 Roger Bruce Roger won this month's award for multiple offences which included dropping his bike (forgot to put the side stand down), forgetting his tent and sleeping bag when attending a Rally ..............
June 2013 Mike Quincey Mike rode to his local garage unaware that he was trailing 50 mtrs of electrical extension lead behind him. Only on his return home did he realise it was his own cable and spool which he had wrecked.
May 2013 Dan Dickinson Dan (Big Issue) Dickinson won the coveted trophy this month through some ill advised home maintenance on his bike. We just hope he doesn't disassemble the Diesel Award whilst it is in his possession !
April 2013 Carl & Kate For their total dedication in collecting bottle tops, toner cartridges and mobile phones for TVAC
March 2013 Arlene Stevens Arls was given the award and a Medic Alert Bracelet by the club in recognition of her brave fight against Cancer.
February 2013 Kay Chamberlain Kay achieved award status by falling off her bike wearing nothing but her boots and a smile.
January 2013 Dan Dickinson Dan won the award this month for his choice of hair styles .... either that or for having a barber with a sense of humour !
December 2012 Alan (Sheila) Roberts John
Sheila actually earned his award back in the summer for his outstanding work manning the BBQ throughout the Fencott weekend. But demonstrating his commitment to The Vultures even further, he's got himself inked up with our logo on his arm ! A truly deserving winner.
November 2012 Mike (The Bike) Quincey Mike's outstanding contribution this month was to be the proud owner of the Vultures first 'Electric' bike. This was caused by a lawn mower cable attaching itself to the sissy bar of Mike's bike where it remained unnoticed for several miles, losing it's plug en-route when it caught under a car's wheel.
October 2012 Keith Stone Keith is our Diesel Award recipient for the second time ! This is in recognition of his attempt to prevent people from attending the annual BBQ by giving them the wrong Post Code. Strangely enough it was the same wrong Post Code that got him lost last year !!!
September 2012 Kate Whiting Kate becomes our first female winner of the award, and richly deserves it too. Take a look at the video. (Scroll down to the item entitled "Nutters")
August 2012 Ed Luck Ed was presented the award at the Oxon meeting. To replace his front brake pads Ed dismantled far more of the bike than he needed to, resulting in several attempts to reassemble it. Then to add insult to injury, there was a problem when Ed tried to get his bike MOT'd and it was discovered he had been driving around (as had the previous owner), with a false number plate !
June 2012 Keith Stone Keith really deserved the award this month. His fantastic dual purpose kite (Kite + Vulture Banner) won the kite flying competition at the Flying on the Fylde Rally. The time and effort put in by Keith on C12's behalf is greatly appreciated.
May 2012 Iain Richards Iain should have received this award last month, but he went AWOL. He thought we'd forgotten, but guess what ! For those who don't know, Iain left his disc lock in place on his front wheel and tried to ride off, fag in mouth. The wheel made almost one complete revolution before stopping abruptly, catapulting him to the tarmac
March 2012 John Stevens This month I was given the award for doing my job as Web Master, for which I am grateful. It is pleasing to know the site is appreciated.
February 2012 Phil Amps For managing to break his toe whilst swimming, as it snowed at Centre Parcs.
January 2012 Bob (Badger) Dawson Bob's outstanding achievement was to wear out his wrist prematurely.
December 2011 Ed Luck With a touch of irony, Ed's nickname is Speedy. Ed earned this award for surprising us all by getting a Speeding Ticket. The amazing thing was, he was in the middle of the pack and none of the surrounding riders were nicked !
October 2011 Ian Charlesworth Ian is a worthy winner of this month's award for laying on another fantastic Vultures BBQ weekend for us. Band, BBQ, Booze, Brilliant !
September 2011 Simon (Stigg) Dickens Having purchased copious amounts of food from a supermarket, Stigg enlisted help from fellow Vultures to carry it all back to the Rally Site. He then accepted a lift by car and waved to his 'Sherpas' as he passed.
August 2011 Carl (Ghost) Whiting Carl & Kate did the Vultures proud by representing the Centre in the Sandcastle Competition at the Scrumpies Party. They sculpted the Vulture Logo into the Western Super Mare beach. They did not win, but it was not through the lack of trying. Well done guys.
July 2011 Phil (Pants) Amps Having been apprehensive in advance of his first biking trip abroad, Phil rode like a veteran, both throughout Denmark and through some atrocious weather on our return to the UK.
May 2011 Arlene Stevens For having the battery in her alarm fob run out, leaving her unable to re-start her bike.
April 2011 Barry 'Baz' Pearce For leaving his bike parked, with the keys in situ and the ignition 'On'. This of course drained the battery completely and required time on an Optimate before a fellow Vulture could be roped in to bump start the beast.