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TVV Contacts
Chris Seymour Chris Seymour Our Centre Rep Chris is a keen rally goer where you'll find him on the dance floor or in the bike park photographing those shiney bikes.
Vacant Keith Horwood As Deputy Rep Keith lends support to Chris Keith is a keen biker and likes talking about bikes
Diane Barlow Diane Barlow Diane is our Treasurer, looking after the coffers in our savings pot.
Vacant Merchandiser
Position Vacant
Who can supply you with the latest merchandise for the Thames Valley Vultures & the national VSOC.
Phil Phil Amps Phil is our ride out coordinator and welcomes suggestions for destinations for a club ride out
Baz Barry Pearce Barry is our International Liaison Officer and cordinates trips to the YCC rallies around the globe.
Colin Colin Lawton Colin is our Web-Master and welcomes any news, snippets or events to be sent to him for our web site